Gucci G: Timeless Sport And U-Play Are A Change From The Ordinary

Gucci: G-Timeless SportGucci has always been renowned with its quality fashion accessories, like bags, watches and jewelry.

Hailing from Florence, Italy, the craftsmanship and quality of the work is unmatched.

Gucci specializes in leather, thus most watches that are made by Gucci have a leather strap.

This is a very big advantage since leather breathes through and fits your contours gently, thus making it more comfortable when worn in long durations.

Gucci has just come up with two different lines, the G-Timeless Sport and the U-Play. They are a change from the ordinary since they feature more metal than what is usually seen in Gucci watches.

There are also innovations in the designs, like having a more robust look, which is less frequently done in Gucci designs which emphasize a more petite look. For a more in-depth look on the two watches, we have provided two sections here.

G-Timeless Sport

G-Timeless Sport is a line of watches designed by Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director. It exudes a perfect balance between sportiness, durability and class.

The watch line is exemplified by having darker designs and a greater emphasis on metal, glass and rubber parts instead of the more traditional leather.

This watch, while not a diving watch, has found a lot of applications in different watersports like windsurfing, swimming and others. This is a testament to its durability in wet conditions, thanks to its rubber fittings.

This ensures that the electrical components of the watch are kept intact, and that no rusting will take place.

While this line of watches caters mostly to the masculine market, more petite varieties are available for women who want the same versatility and experience as their male counterparts.


U-Play is a watch line for women which emphasizes on customization. This means that you may mix and match different watches and straps to create the look you want. This is perfect for fashionistas who want to have a different look every time.

This is also a great savings booster, since you do not need different watches for formal and informal occasions.

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