The World of Technology

The World of TechnologyThe impact of technology on our daily lives, and in nearly every walk of life, is surely undeniable.

It makes it presence felt in every way possible, be it students using technological means in order to complete school assignments, check on their grade slips, register for courses, house wives shopping online or checking heir bank statements through e-banking, or the men folk of the house paying utility bills online.

Technology comes into play in nearly every situation, and our dependence on it has grown multifold, to such an extent where we cannot practically imagine performing even a single task without the help of technology.

Be it in the field of work, entertainment, academics etc, we find ourselves using various gadgets and the internet on a widespread basis.

The World Wide Web is a collection of various websites which can be found via the internet. It contains various social networking sites such as face book, twitter, Google plus, while there are the informative sites such as Google ad yahoo.

These websites can be used to check emails, connect with people, download movies and music, buy and sell items on e-bay etc.

All one has to do in order to avail services and benefits from these websites is simply visit the site and when they find the option they are looking for, they must click on ‘click here’, and they are ready to go.

With the simple click of a button, a wide amount of information can be displayed on ones computer screen within a matter of just a few milliseconds.

Google is one of the most famous websites at the moment, due to its fast service, and the various features it provides such as high levels of user friendliness etc.

One can thus never deny the blessing s the coming of the computer and Internet has brought along with it, however, like most things, it has a very grim negative side to it too.

There are a number of drawbacks that are a result of the use of technology which are still being worked upon, in order to reduce the effects of these negativities.

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