Garage Doors Selection For Your Garage

Garage DoorsThe garage is one of the most important parts of the house.

It usually serves as a stock room for old but priced possessions.

Hence, the right garage door should be placed.

Garage doors come in different variety – style, colors, manual or automatic gates.

No matter how your house looks like, you can surely find a garage door that will blend perfectly to the design of your house. Here’s some of the list that you might like.

Up and Over Garage Door: These types are still popular and patronized by many. It comes in 2 types, retractable and canopy. Retractable doors are appropriate for manual and electric operation. It comes in steel, GRP (fiberglass), PVC, and timber (wood).

Sectional Garage Door: Is becoming more and more popular particularly with double (2) doors. It comes in 4 varieties, the Horizontal Rib Sectional, Panelled Sectional, Coach House Style Sectional, and the Designer Garage Door.

Horizontal Rib has three (3) types:

  1. Narrow Rib – available in 20 mm, 35 mm & 45 mm thick
  2. Large Rib – 20 & 45 mm (thick) panels
  3. Flush Sectional – insulated sections/panels that is 20 & 45 mm thick

Panelled sectionals are ideal for traditional houses, those garages that are connected to the house. Coach house on the other hand gives a traditional look having the expediency of the panelled sectional.

For a more contemporary look, designer garage doors would be perfect. Of course the design is current, perfect for modern homes. However, it only comes in single sizes, 20 mm panels.

Roller Garage Door: If you want to use the space on the roof then opt for this one. It is really compact and neat, perfect for 9 inches high rooms and short driveways. It goes up vertically without swinging. Comes in 2 types, insulated (double aluminum with foam) and un-insulated (single steel).

Those mentioned above are just some of the types of garage doors. There are still other designs and makes to choose from. Browse online to see the other collections.

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