Some Tips To Make You Enjoy Your Marriage

Some Tips To Make You Enjoy Your MarriageMarriage is the most unique type of relationship God has created. It is believed to be the most enjoyable relation a human can have!

But when I talk to some of my friends who are married, I feel as if the fun, the charm of this relation fades away after couple of years. People start taking their spouse very lightly.

It lightens the feelings of love and affection which are supposed to be the keys of a happy and successful marriage.

To enjoy any relation, you need constant efforts. Here are some simple but fantastic ideas you can try to make your marriage an enjoyable experience:

  • Do something unexpected .You can write funny messages on the mirror
  • Present your spouse with  surprise gifts. It refreshes love
  • Have meals in same plate
  • Learn something for your spouse. For instance, if your husband is fond of having different dishes, you can join cooking
  • Praise your spouse. Send a mail occasionally saying how good looking he/she is
  • Build a high self-esteem of your partner. You can take his/her pictures to do that. It will definitely make your spouse feel confident
  • Talk a lot. Don’t let communication gap to crop up. Give time and listen to each other
  • Don’t hesitate in expressing your feelings. Say” I love you” every time you feel it
  • Don’t take petty issues on heart. Life has a lot well also to talk about
  • Recall memories which make both of you happy. Occasionally watch marriage or honeymoon album together

Remember life is too precious. Make the most of it!

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