Click Here & Other Most Frequently Committed Mistakes by Web Designers

Mistakes by Web DesignersDesigning a website is an art that not everyone possesses.

You need to have a natural ability to sort out your design and the skills to make it look good for the visitors.

Therefore, when an internet business owner tries to design his own website, he commits a lot of mistakes.

Some of the mistakes are:

  • The “Click Here” hyperlinking text is the most frequently repeated mistake by naïve web designers. The reason behind this approach is simple, every business owner wants to earn as much as they can. Thus, sometimes, they get desperate to get more customers and lost the track of their tactics altogether. That is when they commit mistakes like this. So, make sure you try to avoid the term “Click Here” while designing your website
  • Nothing annoys a visitor more than scrolling for a longer period of time. It is another mistake that most novice web designers commit. It may seem to be a good idea that putting a lot of quality pictures or text content on your website, but organizing them is the key. You should never make your page look saturated with content and pictures. So, try to divide the content of your website into different pages
  • Most beginners also make visitors open a new window automatically. This is nothing more than annoying your visitor. Imagine yourself in your visitor’s place and you would have done the same. Anything that is put on you forcefully does not get anywhere, but makes the person close it. So, if any of your links open a new window, your visitor would close your website altogether
  • Keep your web design as light as possible. Try to use media as less as possible. It may seem good to the eyes, but if it takes forever to open your website, your user might close the website. Since the time has changed and the internet connections are faster than ever before, no internet surfer has the patience to wait for more than a few seconds for a website

So, if you try to design your website yourself, these are the most likely errors that you may commit. The best solution to avoid these kinds of errors is to hire a professional web design company for your website.

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