Why Choose Anchor As Your Web Host?

Why Choose Anchor As Your Web Host?There are several web hosting and dedicated servers in the market and choosing the right one is going to be quite tough.

Since there are many good servers, it’s impossible to say whether one is better than the other.

You must first identify your needs and match them with the features found in the server.

Some servers are suitable for e-commerce platforms while others are suitable for hosting just limited web pages.

Anchor is one of the dedicated SQL servers available and it is suitable for large platforms. E-commerce platforms and databases can be hosted with the help of Anchor.

Anchor has an extensive memory and this alone makes it an ideal web host. The response time and optimal performance is also excellent in Anchor.

No Downtime

Any downtime in the server results in loss of sales. In case you have an e-commerce platform, you want it to be up all the time. Anchor ensures this and keeps track of all site activities. Your website will be open for business throughout the year and thereby potential for losing customers is minimized.

Anchor is a website hosting platform which is capable of taking even the heaviest load. This clearly makes it stand up and above the rest. Anchor works with some of the best Magento based developers and thus it is able to provide the best solutions for any e-commerce website.

Some of its tech partners include infinity Technologies and Acid Green.

Anchor’s linux based servers operate with PHP 5.3 and Apache 2.2. And this comes with any extensions that are necessary. Anchor will pull out all the stops to ensure that your specific business needs are met. You will also be assisted with the setup of .htaccess and Cronjobs.

Once you get the server in place, you can forget about all the work and concentrate on operating and efficiently managing the e-commerce platform. You can leave all the dirty work to the server, which takes care of itself.

Anchor is a good support for your platform and you should consider if you have a e-commerce platform.

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