Basic Tools Needed When Conducting Your Own Watch Repairs

Basic Tools Needed When Conducting Your Own Watch RepairsIf you enjoy repairing watches as a hobby and are thinking about extending your services to other persons there are a few things that you are going to need to make the process as smooth sailing as possible.

Of course knowledge of the different types of watches and how they operate is important and crucial to your analysis and diagnosis of the problem.

However, if you plan on just dealing with easy to fix problems like battery replacement and so on, you should be fine.

Work Bench: Considering that watches are made up of various small parts a good work bench which is free of clutter is something to consider. This way you can have the time piece placed in an area where small particles cannot be easily lost or hidden.

A flat and level work bench which is also sturdy is therefore best for watch repairs.

Bright Lamp: A good table lamp supplying a good amount of light is also advisable to see exactly what you’re doing. It would also be good if the light being used also has an adjustable head that will allow it to be moved to various heights and either closer or further from you.

Loupes: These are needed for magnification as there may be cases where the bright light and naked eye are not sufficient to give you the view that you need. These will help to give you various levels of magnification to see just where the problem lies and the solution required.

Tweezers: This is of course something that is absolutely important to removing the pieces that come together to make up the time piece.

Depending on the type of tweezers that you have you may need, a demagnetizer, to prevent the steel parts of the watch from sticking to the side of the tweezers may also be needed.

However, there are non-magnetic tweezers that can be bought to make the job a lot easier. Also ensure that you tweezers meet at the tip and are also parallel.

While pursuing your hobby, you always want to ensure that your customers get results, as a result if you should meet up on a task too great for you to handle, don’t be embarrassed to refer them to a reputable company, who has the experience and knowledge required to get the job done with success guaranteed.

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